The DRUC laboratory provides testing services for private drinking water wells and other water sources throughout the area at approximate cost as a public service to the communityWhile the DRUC laboratory is certified by the State of Tennessee and USEPA, not all testing performed is under this certification and therefore the results may not be appropriate for the all uses.  Please contact the DRUC for information on specific testing requirements and certification status.  Current information on which methods that the DRUC laboratory will perform with certification and those that are provided for qualitative information only is available by telephone or email.  Since the DRUC does not collect the samples, the Commission can not guaranty the condition of any well or private water supply tested under this public service program.

Certified Testing Services Available:

    Bacteriological Analysis for Total Coliform, Fecal Coliform, E.Coli:  Samples can be tested using either the membrane filter or MMUG presence-absence methods to obtain the type of information that the consumer requires.

    Turbidity:  Samples are tested for turbidity (clarity) using sophisticated optical test equipment.  The results are reported in NTU and compared with established drinking water standards.  The test indicates the relative safety of the water supply and the likelihood of surface water influence due to changes in turbidity after rainfall or other events.

Other Testing Services Available:  The following tests are routinely performed at the DRUC laboratory for quality control of the drinking water purification process.  However, the DRUC lab has NOT obtained certified to provide these testing services to others due to the expense involved in the regulatory and certification process.  The DRUC will run these tests on requests with the understanding that the results are NOT certified and the information is provided only for qualitative evaluation of the water supply.

    Iron, Manganese, Fluoride, Calcium, Magnesium, Lead or Copper

    Chlorine residual, Free or Total


    Hardness or Alkalinity

    HPC Bacteriological Analysis (Heterotrophic Plate Count)

    Iron Bacteria (Bart test)

    Slime Bacteria (Bart test)


Fee Schedule:

    Certified Bacteriological Analysis:  $25.00

    Invalid Sample Fee:  $5.00

    Sample Expediting Fee:  $100.00  (Report provided in writing within twenty-four hours)

    Certified Turbidity Analysis:  No charge when requested in conjunction with other testing, otherwise $10.00

    Iron, Manganese, Fluoride, Calcium, Magnesium or Copper:  $10.00 each (Quantity discounts are available on request)

    Lead:  $25.00

    Chlorine residual, Free or Total:  $5.00

    Nitrates:  $10.00

    Hardness or Alkalinity:  $5.00

    HPC Bacteriological Analysis (Heterotrophic Plate Count):  $20.00

    Iron Bacteria (Bart test):  $20.00

    Slime Bacteria (Bart test):  $20.00


Sampling Procedures:

    No samples will be accepted for analysis on the weekends or after 6:00 PM on weekdays.

    Bacteriological samples are run once a day at approximately 9:00 AM.  Samples received before that time will be run that day and samples received after that time will be run on the next day.

    Bacteriological sampling for a home sale or other reality transfer should be completed at least two weeks before closing to allow time for corrective measures in case the results are bad or additional samples are required.

    Certified bacteriological samples with excessive amounts of chlorine, fluoride, mud, dirt, debris, chemical contamination and samples that are very warm or hot will not be tested and an invalid sample fee will be assessed to recover the cost of the bottles and supplies wasted.

    Written sample procedures are always provided with every sample kit.


Sample Results:

    Sample results will be available verbally only by telephone after noon (twenty-seven hours) the day after the sample was tested, seven days a week.

    Sample results will be available as a written report for pickup, fax, or mail after noon (fifty-one hours) the second business day after the sample was originally tested.

    No sample reports are available for pickup on weekends or after 6:00 PM on weekdays.

    Bacteriological sampling for a home sale or other reality transfer should be completed at least two weeks before closing to allow time for corrective measures in case the results are bad or additional samples are required.

    An expediting fee will be assessed in advance for any sample testing or results needed in less time than listed above for a real estate closing.

    No fees or charges are ever assessed for testing services related to public health emergencies.

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