The DRUC operates a certified laboratory at the water treatment plant on Normandy Reservoir.  The laboratory conducts hundred of tests and quality checks on the water every day to insure that the water produced is totally safe and free of objectionable tastes or odors.  The DRUC laboratory operates twenty-four hours a day on every day of the year.

In addition, the DRUC has regulatory compliance testing performed by an EPA certified laboratory and all results are submitted to the State of Tennessee, Department of Environment and Conservation.  Results of all testing is available on this web site or by mail or fax on request.

The DRUC filter plant operators continuously monitor the treatment process twenty-four hours a day.  There is an operator present at the plant every minute of every day.   All operators are certified by the State of Tennessee and are monitoring the following major parameters.

MAJOR PROCESS PARAMETERS:  Raw Water Conditions and Flow Rate, Preoxidation-Disinfection Efficiency, Coagulant Dose - Chemical Streaming Current, Colloidal Material Flocculation, Clarifier Settling Conditions, Filtered water Pressure Loss (how clean is each filter), Filtered Water Turbidity (clarity) from each filter, Filtered Water Particle Counts, Filtered Water pH, Finished Water Disinfection Efficiency, Finished Water Flow Rate, Finished Water Pressure, and Elevated Water Tank Levels.

PHYSICAL OR AESTHETIC PARAMETERS MONITORED ON THE DRINKING WATER:  Finished Water Color, Finished Water Odor, Finished Water pH, Finished Water Taste, Finished Water Temperature, and Finished Water Turbidity (clarity).

MICROBIOLOGICAL PARAMETERS:  The water leaving the treatment plant and the water throughout the distribution system is monitored constantly for bacteriological quality.  Samples are analyzed daily for Total Coliform and Fecal Coliform bacteria.   None of these bacteria are ever found in the water.


Primary Inorganics Asbestos Volatile Organics Synthetic Organics
Arsenic Asbestos Fibers n-Propylbenzene Hexachlorobenzene
Antimony Radionuclides Styrene 3-Hydroxycarbofuran
Barium Gross Alpha Particles Tetrachloroethane Methomyl
Beryllium Volatile Organics Tetrachloroethylene Metolachlor
Cadmium Bromobenzene Toluene Metribuzin
Chromium Bromochloromethane Trichlorobenzene Oxamyl
Copper Bromodichloromethane Trichloroethane Picloram
Cyanide Bromomethane Trichloropropane Propachlor
Fluoride Butylbenzene Trimethylbenzene Simazine
Lead Chlorobenzene Xylene Benzo(a)pyrene
Mercury Chlorodibromomethane Synthetic Organics Di(2-ethylhexyl)adipate
Nickel Chloroethane Altachlor Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate
Nitrate Chloromethane Atrazine Endothall
Selenium o-Chlorotoluene Carbofuran Glyphosate
Thallium p-Chlorotoluene Chlordane Hexachlorocyclopentadiene
Primary Organics Dibromomethane Heptachlor
Benzene m-Dichlorobenzene Heptachlorepoxide
CarbonTetrachloride o-Dichlorobenzene PCB
Dichloroethane Dichlorodifluoromethane Pentachlorophenol
Dichloroethylene Dichloroethane 2,3,7,8-TCDD (Dioxin)
Endrin Dichloroethylene Aldicarb
Lindane Dichloromethane Aldicarb Sulfone
Methoxychlor Dichloropropane Aldicarb Sulfoxide
Paradichlorobenzene Dichloropropene Aldrin
Toxaphene Ethylbenzene Butachlor
Trichloroethane Fluorotrichloromethane Carbaryl
Trichloroethylene Hexachloro-1,3-butadiene Dalapon
VinylChloride Isopropylbenzene Dicamba
2,4-D p-Isopropyltoluene Dieldrin
2,4,5-TP (Silvex) Naphthalene Dinoseb


RAW WATER PARAMETERS MONITORED (NORMANDY LAKE WATER): Raw Water Alkalinity, Raw Water Bacterial Count, Raw Water Fluoride, Raw Water Hardness, Raw Water pH, Raw Water Temperature, Raw Water Algal Content, and Raw Water Turbidity



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